To Exhibit

Countermeasures regarding Covid-19
In order to ensure the safety and security of exhibitors, visitors, and all other concerned parties, this exhibition will be held with countermeasures against infectious diseases.
We hope you will make use of this exhibition to recover your business from the effects of the new coronavirus disaster.

Exhibitors Categories

Next Generation T echnology
Digital transformation (DX)
Drones and aerial lasers
Supply chain management construction
ICT Technology 
IoT (Internet of Things)
AI (Artificial Intelligence) Technology
Big Data Utilization
Cloud Computing
Various Automation Technologies
Mobile Remote Sensing
Robots and Assistive Suits
Traceability Technology
Forest GIS and simulation technology
Smart phone tools and applications
Advanced technology research and development, etc.
Improving productivity, safety, and profifitability / Reducing workload
Forest surveying and forest condition survey technology
Afforestation, Silviculture & Reforestation Technology
Seedling Production/Early Growth & Elite Trees
Countermeasures against animal damage and pests
Mountain Control & Disaster Prevention
Material Production
High-performance Forestry Machinery
Road Network Development
Lumber Transportation
Log & Chip Supply Forest Certification, etc.
Forest Management and Consulting
Forest management and administration
Consulting for municipalities and companies
Human resource development and recruitment
Forest investment and forest trust
Securing business sites (management of operational history, forest management plans, sales activities)
Forest insurance
Forest trading
Consultation on Forest Inheritance, Sale, and Renunciation, etc.

Forest management and administration, Consulting for municipalities and companies, Human resource development and recruitment, Forest investment and forest trust, Securing business sites (management of operational history, forest management plans, sales activities), Forest insurance, Forest trading, Consultation on Forest Inheritance, Sale, and Renunciation, etc.

Utilization of forest space/multifaceted functions
Forest service industry
Education (tree education, forestry experience)
Tourism including Ecotourism, Medical Tourism, etc.
Forest Therapy (Forest Bathing)
Outdoor Exercise
Small-Scale Hydroelectric Power generation (Micro Hydropower System)
Various recreational activities, etc.
SDGs / Regional Development
SDGs Management Support and Solutions
Government Offices / Local Governments / Local Authorities
Woody Biomass Energy and Heat Utilization
Woody Biomass Power Generation Equipment
Woody Biomass Power Supply Devices
Woody Biomass Boilers and Stoves
Resource (wood chips, pellets, etc.), Fuel and Combustion Analysis
Woody Biomass Fuel, Power Generation Technology
Woody Biomass Fuel
Plants and Furnaces
Heat Utilization
Design and Engineering
Biomass Industrial Cities
Wood Chips
Palm Kernel Shells (PKS)
Sales of Pellets, Firewood, Wood Chip Fuel, etc.

Woody Biomass Power Generation Equipment, Woody Biomass Power Supply Devices, Woody Biomass Boilers and Stoves, Resource (wood chips, pellets, etc.), Fuel and Combustion Analysis, Woody Biomass Fuel, Power Generation Technology, Plants and Furnaces, Heat Utilization, Design and Engineering, Biomass Industrial Cities, Wood Chips, Palm Kernel Shells (PKS), Sales of Pellets, Firewood, Wood Chip Fuel, etc.

Target Visitors

Government offices/local governments (prefectures, municipalities) forestry departments Forestry management bodies (Forestry cooperatives, Material producers, Self-managing foresters, etc.)  Forest owners Log markets Paper companies/trading companies (forestry department) Academic/research institutions Forestry colleges and other educational institutions Academic societies Industry associations Non-profit organizations Welfare organizations Certification bodies Power plant operators New power producers Consultants Companies considering investing in mountain and forest areas as part of the SDGs, including social and regional contribution, local development, and environmental conservation Companies considering the use of forest areas and forest resources for health management work style reform, and employee training and education. 

Exhibition Guide


1 booth unit = 6㎡ (width 3m × depth 2m × height 2.7m)
(Rear and side walls only, corner booths have only one side wall)
Exhibition fees
275,000 yen (including tax)/unit
Application Deadline
April 29 (Fri), 2022

Booth unit layoutheight limits

1 – 3 or 5 booth unit(s) Linear display only Height: up to 2.7m
4 booth units Linear display or peninsula booth / block type option available Height: up to 4m (with a 1m setback from the aisles and the side and rear walls)

*Please contact the organizer for exhibits that exceed 4m. Please note that it is not possible to display company signs and logos exceeding the maximum height limit.
Cautions for carrying in and setting up
- Entrance/exit (West Hall 1 and 2): 3790mm (width) x 3000mm (height)
There is a pillar in the center of the shutter, so both sides are limited to 3790mm.
There is a sprinkler system in the ceiling. Please be careful when passing through to avoid contact or damage.
- Anchor bolts are not permitted.
- The weight of an exhibit divided by the horizontal projected area of the exhibit cannot exceed 0.36t/m2.
- If the weight of a single exhibit divided by the ground area of the exhibit exceeds 0.36t/m2 , curing must be performed.
- If the individual weight of the exhibits exceeds 1 ton, please contact the secretariat.
- If the weight of individual exhibits is between 0.36t and 1t, the distance between adjacent exhibits must be at least 2m.
- Vehicles are not allowed to enter or drive. When carrying in and out exhibits, please use a hand-pushed cart or hand-carry.
- The use of forklifts, etc. is also prohibited in the atrium.
- The use of lifting cranes is prohibited.
- Please be sure to protect the floor by curing the space where the exhibits will be placed.
- Do not place any objects on the pit or anchor cover.

Costs included in the exhibition fee
* Basic booths (rear and side walls/octanorm system)
* Site use fee during regular hours
* Construction and maintenance costs for common facilities
* Visitor promotion costs
* Invitation cards for users
* Costs related to visitor services (Preparation of site information, etc.)
* Cost of running the site office, safety management, and security
Costs not included in the exhibition fee
* Costs incurred by exhibitors for decorating their booths and the costs of bringing in and running their booths
* Facilities for obtaining electricity, gas, water, and other services (primary line construction costs, secondary construction costs, and usage costs)
* Cost of temporarily installing communication circuits for temporary telephones, Internet and so on, and communication fees
* Insurance covering the exhibitor’s own exhibits and also injury to persons
* Compensation for damage or loss of site facilities, fixtures or other companies’ exhibits
* Costs incurred for disposal of remaining materials and garbage, such as discarded decoration materials
* Other costs which are considered not to be included in the normal exhibition fees

Package decoration

A package plan for easy booth unit decoration.

Decoration Fees
(1 unit)
110,000 yen (including tax)+ Exhibition fees (250,000 yen) = 360,000 yen (including tax)

For 1 booth unit
System Wall Panel (Octanorm system, white) / Fascia board (white) / Reception counter / Carpet (blue, dark red, gray or green) / LED fluorescent lamp 20W x 1 / LED spotlight 15W x 2 / Folding chair x 1 / Business card holder x 1 / Company name display / Wiring cost ×1kW, Electric rates ×1kW / Outlet x 1
* Contact the organizer if you require 2 booth units or more.
* See the Exhibitor Manual that you will receive after application for more details.

Schedule until the exhibition (planned)

April 29 (Fri)
Exhibition Application Deadline Sending of Invoice for the Exhibition Fees
Release of the Floor Plan and Exhibitor Manual
From the end of July
Dispatch of Invitation cards, Opening of the website for visitors
Sept. 12 (Mon)
Exhibitor Move-in, Booth Construction
Sept .13 (Tue)
Exhibitor Move-in, Decoration Setting-Up
Sept. 14 (Wed)
First day of the Exhibition 10:00 - 17:00
Sept. 15 (Thu)
Second day of the Exhibition 10:00 - 17:00
Sept. 16 (Fri)
Third and last day of the Exhibition 10:00 - 17:00
Exhibitor Move-out and Booth Teardown From 17:00